Monica Burrow
Original Art from BC and Beyond

"Venice Reflected"

This painting was inspired by the reflection of a hotel in the water of the canal where the gondoliers moor their craft just outside Piazza San Marco in Venice. Just down the street from our hotel, the water's murky shade reflected what sunshine there was on an October afternoon and the distortion of the hotel's windows in the water fascinated me each time we passed by. The sheer number of gondolas wedged into this tiny water filled area, that acted as a taxi stand, was unbelievable. How the gondoliers sorted themselves and the boats out throughout the day was amazing. A typical italian appearance of chaos somehow resolves itself each day without the gondolas or the relations between the gondoliers being irreparably damaged! Incentive to come to work each day though!

"Venice Reflected"
Canadian Dollars

14" x 11" Acrylic on Slim Canvas. 2018 Satin nickel tone molding frame.