Monica Burrow
Original Art from BC and Beyond


This pastoral location on the way to our local bird sanctuary, not 40 minutes distant from Vancouver's city hall, took me back in time. It caught my eye as it gave me a feeling of looking into a classic rural landscape painting. This scene could be a century old or more. The light cast onto the clouds and the pasture, the water reflections; it all gave me a feeling of calm and I hope it feels that way in the finished product. The word Pastorale describes a piece of music having a tender melody and a moderately slow rhythm that suggests shepherds' music and idyllic rural life.

Canadian Dollars

24" x 30" Acrylic on Slim Canvas Framed out in a simple modern white frame. $1200.00 Framed

Available through the Federation Gallery in Vancouver Sept 26 - Oct 15 as part of the Annual International Representational Show.